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The Oxford Experience
It’s the only FDA-approved, free-floating meniscal partial knee system available in the United States and has been utilized throughout Europe for more than two decades. Dr. Wolf has the most amount of experience in Northern California with the Oxford Knee.

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    Health Matters provides a forum for clinicians and the medical industry to educate consumers about developments in healthcare. Our current focus is The OxfordŽ Partial Knee, currently the only FDA-approved, free-floating meniscal partial knee system available in the United States. For patients with knee arthritis limited to the medial compartment, surgeons may elect to perform OxfordŽ partial knee replacement. Some advantages of the OxfordŽ partial knee replacement are that it removes 75% less bone and cartilage, is less painful, enables a more rapid recovery, and provides more natural motion when compared to a total knee replacement. Published long-term clinical results on the OxfordŽ Knee demonstrated a 98% success rate at 10 years and 95% at 15 years and beyond, equaling the results of the most successful total knee replacements.

    • More natural motion*
    • Less pain*
    • More rapid recovery*
    • 75% less bone removed*
    If you have questions regarding the OxfordŽ Partial Knee, please speak with an orthopedic surgeon or click here for patient risk information. Only an orthopedic surgeon can determine what treatment is appropriate. Individual results of total joint replacement may vary. The life of any implant will depend on your weight, age, activity level, and other factors.

    Patient Testimonials
    Dear Doctor Wolf:
    On July 2. 2007 you did a partial knee replacement (the Oxford Knee) in my right knee medial compartment, and on September 24th you did the same for my left knee.
    On December 24th I went downhill skiing very hard and very fast. I skied better than I have in twenty years!! And after five days of downhill and cross-country skiing: no knee pain, no trouble and no problems other than sore muscles that got an exceptional work out. Last year, after three days skiing I practically couldn't walk because of the pain.
    That is quite a miracle for a 71-year-old deskbound lawyer who used to be and is again an excellent skier.
    Now I have just come back form a week's ski trip to the French Alps. My fifteen-year-old skiing cousin and his excellent snowboarding buddy couldn't keep up with me. I figure I now have at least ten good years of skiing left in me.
    Many, many thanks to you and your excellent assistants and cheerful, wonderful staff, for this and for all the good care you have given me over the years.
    Yours gratefully,
    Gerhard Stoll